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EAJHA Hockey
Monthly Meeting Report

Minutes of Meeting


Monthly Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each Month at the Elks Lodge at 7:00.

This month's meeting will be held Wednesday, February 13. Hope to see everyone there.

A reminder to members...if you have a concern you would like to bring up at a monthly meeting, there is a section on the agenda to accomodate this. The board asks that you submit your concern (in writing) to either the president or the secretary so that it can be added to the agenda. We love to hear from you!

Escanaba Area Junior Hockey Association
Board of Directors Regular Monthly Meeting, February 13, 2002, 7 p.m.
Escanaba Elks Club

Call to Order & Roll Call

Secretary s Report & Minutes of January Meeting

Treasurer s Report

Old Business
1. Follow-up on policy for solicitation of funds from community (Kelly Wyckoff)
2. Use of second ice sheet for peewees & above

New Business


Standing Committee Reports:

1. Awards & Pictures-Kelly Wyckoff
2. Sponsors-Karen Corbett
3. Coaches-Russ Sapino
4. Recruiting-Todd Myrick
5. Scheduling-Jim Jensen
6. Complex-Karen Bassett
7. Equipment-Marc Lee
8. Fund-Raising-Kelly Wyckoff
9. Tournaments-Tom Ritter
10. Referees-Jerry Eis
11. Registration-Todd Myrick
12. Publicity-Marc Lee

Division Directors Reports
Initiation Program Report

CUP League Report/ NIHL Report

MAHA/District 8 Report

Concerns of the General Membership


Escanaba Area Junior Hockey Association
Board of Directors
Monthly Meeting
7:00 p.m., December, 2001

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Millette. A written and verbal roll call was taken by the Diane Hays acting for secretary. Present were as follows: *Tom Ritter, *Aarne Holmio, *Kelly Wyckoff, *Marc Lee, *Tony Millette, *Todd Myrick, *Karen Corbett, *Jim Jensen, *Bob Chaillier, *Jerry EIS, Sandi Young, Rick Aird, John Viau, *Diane Hays. *=denotes board member.

Secretary s Report: Bob Chaillier made a motion, second by Kelly Wyckoff to approve the secretary s report as presented. Motion carried.

Treasurer s Report: Diane Hays reported receiving $2,500 additional from Sports Plus for a total of $5,000. Last month's ice bill was $15,107.50. Bob Chaillier motion to accept, Jim Jensen second.

Old Business: EAJHA stickers are now available for sale. The second ice sheet should be ready for use next weekend. Genesis Graphics donated hockey equipment for needy children or for raffles.

New Business: Ice can be purchased on the second rink. Besse Forest Products will be paying for some ice time for A/AA teams. This will be handled through Karen at the complex as well as any other ice purchased by individuals, businesses or teams. Ken Field gave a presentation for Skating Dynamics to hold a mini-camp in Escanaba.

Correspondence: None.

Awards & Pictures: No report.

Sponsors: Two teams have not yet paid their sponsorship fees.

Coaches: Bob Chaillier made a motion, second by Kelly Wyckoff to purchase erase boards. Motion carried. Jerry Eis will donate a board and Bob Chaillier some markers. Coaches need to check their mail boxes at the complex. Rosters need to be completed by December 31.

Recruiting: No report.

Scheduling: Jim Jensen is now doing the scheduling.

Complex: No report.

Equipment: No report.

Fund-raising: Kelly Wyckoff reported that $1299 was received from car parking at the fair. EAJHA license plates are now available to purchase. Elmer's mite team requested a pizza sale the third weekend in January and candy bars December 20. Bob Chaillier made a motion, second Marc Lee. Motion carried.

Tournaments: Tom Ritter reported that the peewee tournament will be held the last weekend in December. There is only one team signed up for the peewee tournament.

Referees: No report.

Registration: No report.

Publicity: No report..

Division Directors: No report.

C.U.P. League: No report.

MAHA: Nothing to report.

Concerns of the General Membership: Bob Chaillier stated that he is the PeeWee AA coach this year and is interested in being the coach again next year.

Adjournment: Bob Chaillier made a motion to adjourn, Kelly Wyckoff second. second. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Corinne Labadie for Diane Hays, acting secretary