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EAJHA Hockey
Newsletter March 2002

E.A.J.H.A.Monthly Newsletter

Coaching Clinic To Be Held
A MAHA advanced coaching clinic is scheduled for May 31, June 1, and June 2 in Marquette at the Olympic Training Center. This clinic is for those coaches needing to get certified at the advanced level. Schedules of this clinic and other clinics are posted on the MAHA website.
Some Meeting Notes
It was nice to see good attendance at the last two board meetings. The meetings are truly a place for the membership to voice some concerns and for the board members, division directors and coaches to exchange information. As a reminder, the mailboxes in the rink are also great places for information to be shared. Anybody with a mailbox in the rink is encouraged to check the boxes regularly and act on anything that may need action (phone tag is just so unproductive anyway). Anybody with concerns is also
encouraged to use these mailboxes in the rink to share information. The discussion at the last two meetings has involved the initiation program. This is a new program for the association and the learning curve is always steepest at the beginning. The main thing to remember is that the purpose of the initiation program is to teach the fundamentals of skating to all involved. USA hockey mandates an initiation program for all member associations to that end. The association is absolutely dedicated to making sure that all participants can execute the proper skating skills before being moved to the next level. There has been much good discussion on the initiation program, and the program can undoubtedly be tweaked the next time around. For this year, along with the new rink (scheduling), new faces in the association, its been a learning process. Please be patient as we all try to tackle the learning curve.
Equipment Returns
At this writing the season has about 4 weeks left in it. There are signup sheets out and about for anybody interested in Spring League Hockey. Hopefully there will be enough interest in this so that the kids can continue to play the game a little longer. There is no set date yet for the annual banquet, but itll probably be after any spring league (if there is a spring league). Ill plan to collect equipment at the banquet again and I encourage everybody with equipment (whether its jerseys or goalie gear) to bring any EAJHA equipment to the banquet to turn it in. Anybody wanting to turn in equipment before that is welcome to call (428-2372) or email me ( or just drop by the house (7396 Lake Bluff 19.4 Road) to drop things off. I want to get everything back so that I can evaluate what needs repairs and what can be re-issued for summer camps. I have plenty of goalie gear now so having equipment available for summer clinics should not be a problem.

More Raffle Winners
January 14, 2002 Drawing
$40  Victor Lyberg              Gladstone
         Tom and Michelle
 Stoykovich  Owatonna,Mi
$20   Tim & Shelly Dean    Escanaba
 Brenda Steade    Escanaba
 Michelle Dufour    Escanaba
 Jim Bouty        Escanaba
 Brad Tennant    Gladstone
 Mary Zuber  Milwaukee, Wi
 MaryLou Lundin    Escanaba
 Diane Gartland    Gladstone
 Les Ruohomaki    Gladstone
 Scott Larson Green Bay, Wi
 Mark Cousineau    Escanaba
 Greg Besse       Gladstone
January 28, 2002 Drawing
$40 Carol Pratt    
 Dave & Nancy
 Hamelin     Escanaba
$20 Kelly Wartick Iron Mtn, Mi
 Jill Miller     Escanaba
 Peg Gillis     Escanaba
 Debbie Mokszycke    Escanaba
 Patty Christensen    Escanaba
 Julie Servant    Brampton
 Frank Bink     Escanaba
 Ken Richards Milwaukee, Wi
 Julie Sailer     Gladstone
 Jerry Perreault    Escanaba
 Julie Sailer     Gladstone
 Denna Zuidema    Escanaba
February 11, 2002 Drawing
$40 Aaron Kadish   
 Cain Besse     Gladstone
$20 Kaitlyn Nelson   
 Dan Klim    
 Julie Iverson   
 Sharon Johnson   
 Kathy Milkiewicz   
 Jean McDonough   
 John Bissel    
 Douglas Robinson   
 Mae Goudreau   
 Julie Iverson   
 Ken Lantange   
 Shannon Lee  Gladstone
Jersey Reminder
Ive noticed a team wearing its game jerseys during practice. The jerseys given out by the association are for games only and are not to be used for practices. That just adds unnecessary wear and tear to the jerseys. Coaches, please be sure that the game jerseys are used only for games.

Girls are going downstate
The girls on the 12 & under team are cashing in on an opportunity to go downstate and compete with other teams in the state tournament. We all wish the girls the very best in the tournament. Its a rare thing to be able to compete in a state tournament, and the girls will be so much better for having played against a very elite group of their peers. Good luck to you all on the 12 & under team. Have a most enjoyable time. You girls have come a long way in the fledgling girls program here. The improvement in the level of play has been impossible to miss. Rest assured you will be going back down to compete again. You Go Girls!!!!
State Midget Tournament Thanks
A big thank you goes to Aarnie Holmio for all his efforts in putting on a first rate Midget State Tournament here in Escanaba. Its a real boon to the community to host a state tournament, and this one went off very nicely. Thanks again Aarnie, MAHA can only be very happy with the way the tourney was conducted.
Banquet Dates
This years banquet is scheduled for April 15th and April 16th at the Escanaba High School. This year the hockey association will be furnishing pizzas at the banquet, as well as the soft drinks, so just bring your favorite deserts or snacks, or anything else you might prefer if you dont want pizza. The Mites, Squirts, and Girls 12-and-under teams will have their banquet from 6:00p.m 8:00p.m. on April 15th. The PeeWees, Bantams, Midgets, High School, and Girls 15 to 19 years old will have their banquet from 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m. on April 16th.  Where does all the time go?????
Well, bring all your equipment to the banquet, jerseyboy will be there to collect whatever jerseys or goalie gear you may have to turn in. Spring league players can hang on to their gear, unless it needs repair. I can exchange goalie gear if what you have is in need of repair. I hope to see yall at the banquets on the 15th and 16th. Kelly has another great time lined up for this year.
Bill LaBelle Goalie Clinic
Bill LaBelle will be having another goalie clinic in Marquette this summer. Dates will be Aug. 12th 16th for goalies 12 years and under, and Aug. 19th 23rd for goalies age 13 and over. There will be 20 hours of ice time at a cost of $300 ($275 if youre signed up before June 1st). The goalie camp will be at the Berry Events Center. Anybody interested should contact Bill LaBelle fairly soon, as the camp is limited to 25 players.
His addresses are as follows: 

 Bill LaBelle
 119 McClure Dam Road
Negaunee, Michigan 49866