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EAJHA Hockey
EAJHA Board Members


EAJHA Board Members
EAJHA Board Members
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Your fearless leaders...

President: Tony Millette
Vice President: Jim Jensen
Secretary: Corinne Labadie
Treasurer: Diane Hays
Head of Coaches: Andy Bureau
Awards And Pictures, Fundraising: Kelly Wyckoff
Sponsors: Karen Corbett
Recruiting and Registration:Todd Myrick
Scheduling: Bob Chaillier
Equipment and Publicity: Marc Lee
Tournaments: Tom Ritter
Referees: Jerry Eis
Sportsmanship and Behavior: Aarne Holmio

Division Directors

IP Mike Lasecki 428-2069
Mites Ron & Sandi Young 786-2056
Squirts John Wyckoff 789-2825
PeeWees Mary Kallio 786-5758
Bantams Mick Lancour 789-1188
Midgets Tom Ritter 789-5896

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